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Hey friends, enemies, lovers, haters and fellow travelers, HEY! Hope you are wonderful. I hope you are breathing in the air, and feeling it run through your whole body. I hope that you are drinking tea and enjoying a sit on the porch. I hope you are smoking or not smoking, and gazing over the sun doused valley. I hope you are surrounded by your friends, family and people that love you. I just wanted to let you know, you can sign up for a VIP membership with my page on Bandcamp, (I think thats how it works) and you get a free music video of our live version of Fault Line, as well as some other cool discounts on our merch!
Supporters in this tier receive all new releases, any back-catalog items you include above, any material you release as VIP membership-only, access to your fan community (VIP membership-only messages and photos), and a 15% discount on merch. Thats pretty rad, but certainly not as rad as you are. You are wonderful, and you deserve to be told so.
I also just wanted to thank you for all your wonderful support. Without you, I would probably still be doing this, but without you, life would be hell, and I would be bummed out, because you are SUPER, so, Thanks for all the support, you have my undying love and respect.

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Matthew Heller
Portland, Oregon
Matthew Heller grew up on a small farm in Portland, Oregon.
Singer-songwriter Matthew Heller’s rock n’ roll folk has the stories, the brave vulnerability, and the painful truths of traditional folk, but it’s just way, way louder. Heller’s unique blend of alt-rock catharsis and protest music messaging is potent and poignant.

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